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One Piece 569, Bleach 387, Naruto 477 spoilers predictions scans

One Piece 569 Manga Scans

Bleach 387 Manga Scans

Naruto 477 Manga Scans

One Piece 569

chapter 569. Monster

Luffy : ah...!!
Luffy : They want to excute Ace again!!

Iva : Mugiwara boy!! remember, if you're striked down again, don't think you'll alive!!
Iva :Tension hormones that trick your body, only to deceive!! your wounds are still not healed!
Luffy : haah...haah...
Luffy : I won't...striked down!!!

Iva : get awaaaaayyy!! Hiihaaa!!!
Luffy : !

page 3
Luffy: Coby!!
Luffy: haah haah
Coby (if I did not fight)
Coby (I'm not going to change! This is war! I had to fight with the intent to kill him!)
Luffy: Gomugomu no ...
Coby: Soru!
Luffy: Bul ...
Luffy: let!

page 4-5
PX : Monkey D. Luffy
pirates : uwa!!
Luffy : damn. They are trouble!!
Iva : Fake Kuma!!!

PX : !
Luffy : !?
Luffy : ah

PX: Boa Hancock ...Shichibukai
Luffy: oi!! it's danger!

PX: the attack was stopped ...!!
PX: ally

Luffy: oh, yes!! you're friend!

Luffy: thanks, Hancock!!
Hancock: he said my name again ♡
Iva: he's a pirate queen, right!? why did you know?

PX: Boa Hancock, Move aside!
Hancock: I do not want my name mentioned by you

pirates: Daaaaadd!


Marco: ukh ...
Kizaru: oooh, you're not looking, huuh ...
Kizaru: but you keep regenerating ... Fushichou Marco ...

Marco: Kairouseki!!
Marco: uwaa!

pirates: captain Marco!

pirates: captain Jozu lost!
Aokiji: go hell, Whitebeard pirate groups ...
pirates: the captain of division one after another fall!

Sengoku: do not relax!! you all, kill Whitebeard!
pirates: Daaaaad!

Whitebeard: don't come here!

pirates: Dad!!
Ace: ......

Whitebeard: ......
Whitebeard: they think ... with this ...!!
Whitebeard: haah ... haah ...

Captain: ............
Whitebeard: they could kill me.
Whitebeard: I don't need help ...
Whitebeard: haah ... haah ...

Whitebeard: I am Whitebeard!!

Marine: mo ... monsters!!

Whitebeard: I know ...
Whitebeard: what is the meaning and effect ...
Garp : ...
Whitebeard: of my death ...!!


Whitebeard: ... therefore ... I can not die before
Whitebeard: I see a bright future of my children ...
Whitebeard: you hear, Ace
Ace: ...!
Marine: why would they put formation behind Whitebeard!!

Whitebeard: ......
Whitebeard: haah ... haah ... well, you would not understand ...
Jimbei: we protect dad's dignity !!
Whitebeard: stupid, you are too understanding me

Sengoku: if you want to see the future, I will show you soon.
Sengoku : Whitebeard!!
Sengoku: do it!

pirates: Aaaaaaace!
Whitebeard: no good. you think I can't stop it ...
Whitebeard: uhugg!!

Sengoku: behold, Whitebeard!
Whitebeard: uh! (Damn it. ..!!!)

Luffy : STOOOOP!!!!
Ace : !!?
Sengoku : ..........!!!

Ace: ...
pirates: that's the color of Haou ...!!!
Aokiji: oi oi, seriously ...!!!
Iva: ye, who had it!!
Luffy: I will help you soon !!
Whitebeard (that kid ...!!!)

to be continue

Fushichou: immortal bird / Phoenix
Kairouseki: rock sea
Haou: ruler

Bleach 387 Prediction:

387 A

Immortal Hydra

tousen’s body falls into the ground…
Hisagi: farewell captain…
Komamura: in the end, i can’t save you from your own darkness
Hisagi: what the hell…(looks at tousen)
tousen: (body is shaking, aim a karate chop on his head , he severed his head completely , totally shaded for purpose of censorship… then something is sprouting from his head…high speed regeneration, his head is back)
tousen how dare you touch me, you are all ugly… all ugly!!! (sonido)
hisagi: (cut down in half…like what harribel did to hitsu iceclone) wha…
komamura: hisagi…
tousen: it’s your turn ugly face…
komamura: hisagi… i will avenge you…
komamura: i can’t kill you… no way i can kill you… your power, is something i can’t defeat by myself… or even anyone here… but… if i can’t make you turn back to your old self or what you appeared to be, if i can’t even kill you… then i have to seal you… in my bankai’s dimension!!! that’s my bankai’s special ability!!!

shinji: i can see through your illusion, aizen…
aizen: (silence)
shinji: reversing everything is my specialty… i can make instead your sympathetic nervous system use your parasymphatetic nervous system…or vice versa
aizen: (silence)
shinji: can you feel your heartbeat rising? i can make it stop… it’s bad that i could kill you anytime, however i’m doing it too stop your kyoka suigetsu…you’re one lucky bastard…
aizen: (still silent…)
shinji: what you gonna do now aizen?
aizen: captain yamamoto, captain shunsui… kill gin ichimaru…
shinji: what!!! are you betraying your ally???
gin: no he’s not…hehe
yamamoto: ryujin jakka
shunsui: kageoni
shinji: shit… i can only reverse your shikai effects on me but not on them…what the fuck!!!
aizen: if we could kill that silver haired guy there… then we could decreased their fighting force…
shinji: **** YOU AIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

387 B

Pull the trigger

tousen’s body falls into the ground…disintegrates
Hisagi: farewell captain…
Komamura: in the end, i can’t save you from your own darkness

shiji: one down…aizen
aizen: silence
shinji: i can see through your illusion, aizen…
aizen: (silence)
shinji: reversing everything is my specialty… i can make instead your sympathetic nervous system use your parasymphatetic nervous system…or vice versa
aizen: (silence)
shinji: can you feel your heartbeat rising? i can make it stop… but right now, i’m using my shikai to reverse your shikai… it’s bad that i could kill you anytime, however i’m doing it too stop your kyoka suigetsu…you’re one lucky bastard…
aizen: (still silent…)
shinji: what you gonna do now aizen?
aizen: captain yamamoto, captain shunsui… kill gin ichimaru…
shinji: what!!! are you betraying your ally???
gin: no he’s not…hehe
yamamoto: ryujin jakka
shunsui: kageoni
shinji: shit… i can only reverse your shikai effects on me but not on them…what the fuck!!!
aizen: if we could kill that silver haired guy there… then we could decreased their fighting force…
shinji: **** YOU AIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wonderweiss: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!
kensei: too bad tousen, died kid… i wanna kill him and take revenge instead for killing my subordinates before…
wonderweiss: aaaaaaaaaah!!!
kensei: seems like you’re pretty close… might as well make you pay for him instead… (shoots an windshot or whatever technique he possesses…
wonderweiss: (stops and take the shot)
kensei: huh…
wonderweiss: (silence and stands still)
kensei: are you trying to mock me… (cero spams)
wonderweiss: pureza
kensei: what the **** is this spiritual pressure, it’s drowning me…
wonderweiss: tousen (looks like a white knight release)
kensei: what the hell, you’re not weird anymore???

aizen: (looks at shinji fighting two captains…then says)  by 2bme

aizen: finally…

Naruto 477 predictions

(Kakashi Scene)
(Kakashi’s dogs are in front of him; Yamato is holding Naruto on his right shoulder)
Kakashi: Pakkun, Akino, Guruku, Bull, go to Konoha and send the information I just told you to the Jounin. Be careful with the Root ANBU nins.
Pakkun: Don’t worry about us, Kakashi.
Kakashi: The rest of you, go to the Fire Daimyo and inform him. Bisuke, you’re leading your group.
Bisuke: We won’t disappoint you. (the dogs leave)
Yamato: I’ll be going, kakashi-senpai. Take care.
Kakashi: I will, Tenzou. (to Sai) Lead the way.
Sai: Yes. (he turns to an ink bird and flies away; Kakashi follows him)
Kakashi: (thinking) I hope she won’t step into her own demise before I reach her.

(Sasuke Scene)
Danzou: Magen: Shoushokuka. * (he opens his mouth and devours the scene, rendering it to darkness)
Sasuke: (thinking) Another genjutsu?
Danzou: Magen: Jubaku Satsu. ** (some vines appear, grabbing Susano’o’s bones and trying to pull them apart.)
Danzou: Those eyes will be mine, ending your wretched clan once and for all.
Sasuke: YOU!!! When I catch you…
Danzou: How do you think you can catch me in the darkness?
Sasuke: You should know I thrive in the darkness… (Susano’o’s sword appears) Finally, I’ll take my revenge on Konoha! (Susanoo thrusts its sword to the vines origin; nothing happens)
Danzou: My, my, my, how quick you are to dismiss those who raised you. You’re nothing more than a lowly rogue, like all of your clan…
Sasuke: Raised me? All I had was a bunch of lies, arranged by you, hypocrite!
Danzou: Hmpf, feisty.

*Demonic Illusion: Light’s Devourer
** Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death

(Karin Scene)
Karin: (thinking) The Kirigakure’s crew is here! I should warn Sasuke, but he’s fighting… what should I do?!

(Mei Scene)
(Mei, Ao and Choujuurou arrive to a tree’s branch, near Sasuke’s location)
Ao: As I told you, Sasuke is with him, Mizukage-sama.
Mei: I see. They seem to be motionless… a genjutsu fight?
Ao: It seems so.
Choujuurou: What happened to his guards?
Mei: (points at Madara, in the opposite side) I think Madara took care of them.
Ao: I still can’t believe he’s alive, but I trust your word…
Choujuurou: So, what should we do about Danzou?
Mei: I think we should wait until they separate. We don’t know what Madara is capable of, so let’s focus only in Danzou.

(Madara Scene)
(Zetsu appears near Madara)
Madara: So, do we have the Hachibi?
Zetsu: (with his leaves closed; sounds muffled) Hmrgphrargh.
Madara: Uh?
White Zetsu: (opens his leaves and spits Kisame’s head) That’s why.
Madara: (facepalms) …
Dark Zetsu: An unfortunate event, but quite tasty. If you don’t mind, I need to nourish myself…
White Zetsu: Yes, since the Raikage snapped my neck I need to rest.
Madara: Very well, we’ll meet in the hideout, I need to reformulate my plans.
White Zetsu: What about the other two Taka Team members?
Dark Zetsu: Who cares about them? Now pick Kisame’s head, I’m hungry. (picks up the head, closes his leaves and disappears)
Madara: Yet another obstacle in my path. No matter, I’ll achieve my goal soon enough…

(Sasuke Scene)
Sasuke: I’m tired of your games, Danzou. Magen: Kasegui!* (Danzou appears, immobilized by illusory yokes) Do you think you’re the only one who knows genjutsu?
Danzou: You’re quite gifted, Sasuke, but that’s not enough. (he breaks the genjutsu)
Sasuke: (he covers Susano’o with Amaterasu) Enton: Kagutsuchi! (dark flames fly from Susano’o towards Danzou)
Danzou: Blade of Wind. (he waves his hand, forming a strong gust of wind that blocks Kagutsuchi) Your attacks are wasted on me. (Kagutsuchi receeds back to Susano’o)
Sasuke: You talk too much.
Danzou: Well, I said “let’s talk with our eyes”, remember? (unwraps the clothes covering his right eye) See, you’re not the only one owning the secrets of the Mangekyo Sharingan… (his Sharingans start to transform into Mangekyo Sharingans with a triquetra pattern on them)
Sasuke: You’re mad if you think I’ll allow that! (Susano’o thrusts his sword towards Danzou; the attack is stopped by a chakra-formed dragon with watery patterns that surrounds Danzou, grasping Susano’o’s sword with its claws) What the…?!
Danzou: Surprised by Ryuujin **?

*Demonic Illusion Shackling Stakes.
** Ryuujin (aka Watatsumi) is the guardian of the sea, born from Izanagi’s ceremonial purification rituals after he returned from the Underworld; Susano’o is the god of the sea, born from Izanagi’s nose.

(Sakura Scene)
(Kiba sniffs the air)
Kiba: I caught Sasuke’s scent! (Sakura looks shocked)
Lee: Yosh!
Sai: …
Kiba: But it seems that Danzou and that masked Akatsuki are near him. Should we still go after Sasuke?
Sakura: Yes. We won’t give up now.
Kiba: You’re the one calling the shots… follow me!
Sakura: (thinking) Sasuke, what are you doing?

(Naruto Scene)
(He’s surrounded by darkness)
Naruto: Where am I? (the darkness transforms into crows) Crows?
Itachi: (appearing from behind, with a crow on his shoulder) We need to talk, Uzumaki Naruto.

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Naruto 446 and Bleach 356 Confirmed spoilers

Naruto 446 updates

Bleach 356 updates

Naruto 446 spoilers

1.Yahiko and the others decides to creates an organization –> Hanzou and Danzou ( Sai’s boss, look like ) teams up and kill Yahiko. –>
This is the 2nd Pain

2Nagato : We decided Yahiko would be the leader,
then our organization became famous before we knew it.


Hanzou : If you don’t fight to kill eachother, this girls dies right here, right now !

Yahiko takes Nagato’s kunai and impales himself to save Konan

Yahiko : Konan, you must survive by any mean.
You’re the angel of this world.

Yahiko died, this was the second Pain
Where were supposed to have been matured, grow up …
This was exactly like when my parents died.
That’s when I realized that my answers were just bullshit.

Sidetext : Nagato’s awekening

3The 1st part of the spoiler is just retelling of the past chapter, so it’s not interesting

Then its gets interesting.

Yahiko, Konan and Nagato decided to form a organization and fight with Konoha and Iwa Gakure.
The organization was so big Hanzou couldn’t ignore it.
Iwa, Konoha and Yahiko’s manage to have a ceasefire after years of battle.
That’s when Hell began.

The one who awaited them at the place where the ceasefire was supposed to be negociated was Hanzou, who took
Konan was a hostage, and Danzou from Konoha’s Anbu.

Konoha and Iwa agreed on a fake ceasefire to bait Yahiko and assassinate him.
Hanzou expected his actions would make him a better candidate to the Hokage place.
Then Yahiko takes Nagato’s hands and commit suicide.

4partial translation of the pictures!!

several parts are very hard for me to read, but its about danzou (hanzou’s brother) wanting the seat of hokage. translated bits and pieces out of it:


nagato narrating: we started acting with yahiko as our leader.
soon enough, our organization had become famous.

danzou: your organization is a nuisance to me. (sorry, cant read the last kanji well, but i think it says 邪魔 = nuisance, hindrance, etc)
yahiko… as their leader, i will have you die here.
if you dont (actually rephrasing), this girl here is dead.

several lines further down:
yahiko: you and konan… survive at any cost.
konan: yahikoo!!
nagato: this was my second pain. *

it was the same as when my parents died.
my former answers were nothing more than bullshit.

chapter conclusion: nagato’s awakening

Bleach 356 Spoilers

1Ulquiorra – Desolation
Halibel – Sacrifice
Stark – Loneliness
Nnoitora – Despair (I thought this was Ulquiorra…oh well)
Grimmjow – Destruction
Zommari – Addiction
Szayel – Insanity
Aaroneiro – Greed
Yammy – Wrath
Barragan – Aging

Barragan’s release is Skeleton Emperor. His command term is “Kuchiro” (Rot)


Nnoitra – could be hopelessness, but usually that term means despair as well.

Zommari – Addiction, or getting lost within oneself.

2.Credits: Ann-chan
Source: BA

This is really just a large piece of rambling on the spoiler giver’s part I fished out the parts that are actually of any use, but don’t really reveal anything new.

– Soi Fon tries to land in a kick with Barragan, but suddenly her leg becomes slow and she can’t hit him.
– She seems to be thinking “why…”
– Soi Fon gets a bone fracture from getting hit by Barragan’s attack, and while she is thinking just then about what kind of attack she received, he asks “do you comprehend/understand?”

other than that, it’s mostly about what kind of pages are in the chapter (it’s mostly about the ones we have already seen though, like the one with all the arrancar on it) they also forgot the english title of the chapter, but they thought it might have been “something-skull” yes, very helpful info all~

Credit: Cezaria

Barragan says those are the ten major themes of death in humans, and those themes have been given to each of the Espada to govern over.

As for Barragan’s theme of death, he states that it is the most powerful one that nothing can overcome, which is “time”. Thus it ties in with his “aging” theme.

Also, his Zanpakutou’s name is Arrogante – Spanish for arrogant.

(Apparently, he could age people up really fast, which is why Soifon seems to be screwed since she relies on her mobility in battles.)

3From Annie in BA:

Bleach 356: Tyrant of Skulls

Continues from the last chapter after Halibel cut Hitsugaya she turns to Yamamoto but before she could move something passes her head. Halibel dodges and is surprised to see Hitsugaya as the one who attacked her. Hitsugaya comments how he didn’t expect her power to increase that much after the resurrección. Then he says, “Good thing I’ve prepared for this.”

Halibel turns around to a spot she cuts Hitsugaya and sees a cut-figure of him; only difference is the entire sky is cracked like a smashed mirror. She looks again then realizes what she cut was a reflection from the ice-mirror Hitsugaya has created.

“This trick only works once and I was hoping to use when it was more urgent.” Says Hitsugaya and then adds, “Do not underestimate shinigami’s powers…..”

A scene cuts to Soi Fong and Oomaeda. Soi Fong tries to attack Barragan by sneaking in from the back but the moment she’s about to hit him; she’s slowed down (like a film was played in slow motion mode). No matter what she does, this incident happens within a second before she could attack him. In the end, Barragan grabs her ankle and throws her to one of the houses. Soi Fong tries to figures out what is Barragan’s ability when Barragan laughs at her for unable to figure it out. When she stays silent, Barragan starts to comment on the espadas.

“Each espada is in control of a certain theme of death. These ten themes are the major reasons why humans face death. Each espada has ability, ideas (way of thinking) and reasons to exist relates to the theme.”

“Loneliness (Stark), Sacrifice (Halibel), Emptiness (Ulquiorra), Madness (Szayel), Despair (Nnoitra), Destruction (Grimmjow), Obsession (Zommari), Greed (Aaroniero), Wrath (Yammy) and the theme I’m in control of is ‘aging’. Aging is the same as time. It is the thing above those with existence no matter how powerful or mighty you are.”

Right after that he moves to where Soi Fong is and places a hand on her left shoulder. Soi Fong quickly escapes him when Barragan says,

“Just by a thought and a touch I can make your bones ‘age’.”

Before Soi Fong could understand what he meant she sees her left arm is already broken.

“You wouldn’t understand. Death is like this. From this second onward until the end of a fight, your brain will not understand anything.”

Then he says his release,

“Deteriorate, Arrogante.”

A note: Since the word for Barragan is pretty lose in the spoiler, it could mean ‘decay’ as well.

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One Piece 541 English Scans Are out

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Naruto 446, Bleach 356 and One Piece 541 predictions

Naruto 446 updates

Bleach 356 updates

One Piece 541 updates

Naruto 446 Predictions

No Naruto this week so lets discuss what do you think will happen in Naruto 446. Here is a prediction of CegeRoles from naruto central.


(Still flashback)

Nagato- Soon after the battle between Hanzo and the Sannin had ended, we followed them back to a nearby town, where we asked them for food.
Nagato, Yahiko and Konan are shown meeting the Sannin.
Nagato- Yahiko then asked them for training in Ninjutsu, and although Orochimaru and Tsunade were less than adamant about helping us, Jiraiya-sama agreed to teach us.
The three orphans are shown training with Jiraiya and then Nagato is shown with Jiraiya after he had killed the Rock-Nin. Naruto 446 chapter | Naruto 446 raw
Nagato- Jiraiya was my greatest teacher; he not only taught me Ninjutsu but he taught about the ways of the real world. Through his words I learned the nature of pain, and how it could be used to save the world.
Jiraiya is shown leaving the orphans with Nagato looking on.
Nagato- It was then, after he left us, that we knew what we had to do.
Hanzo is shown on a balcony overlooking Amegakure.
Nagato- Hanzou, the warlord of Amegakure and the source of all our misery and suffering; we realized that only through his death could we possibly end this cycle of war and chaos.
The orphans are shown with a small group of Rain-nin surrounding them.
Nagato- So we organized a resistance against Hanzo’s leadership; we gathered the scattered remains of previous factions in an effort to destroy his grip on the village. But we were too few; we didn’t have the weapons, jutsu or numbers to overthrow Hanzo and our hope of an insurrection seemed hollow.
The four orphans are shown on the outskirts of Amegakure, a figure in a Kage robe approaches them. Naruto 446 manga | Naruto chapter 446
Nagato- Or at least it did until we received help from the most unlikely of places.
The figure is shown; it is the Mizukage, but the cloth from the head peace conceals his face and reveals only one of his eyes (Madara).
Nagato- The Mizukage at the time, for reasons I was not aware of at the time, saw opportunity in out struggle and secretly provided our faction with weapons, Shinobi and finances that would finally allow us to unleash our insurrection.
Amegakure is shown; it’s now in chaos, with Yahiko and Konan leading the resistance against Hanzo’s troops.
Nagato- On that day, we battled tooth and nail against Hanzo’s regime, crushing all resistance with our might.
Nagato is shown walking through a hallway towards a massive door.
Nagato- I ascended to the tallest tower in Amegakure and prepared to face Hanzo myself.
Nagato opens the massive door; opens up to a huge room, where Hanzo stands out on a balcony with his back turned.
Hanzo- I’ve heard rumors about you; you are the leader of the resistance, the source of all my troubles.
Nagato walks forward.
Hanzo- Some of them even call you a god, but most I’ve heard just call you Pein; is that true?
Nagato (Flashback)- Yes. Naruto 446 | Naruto 446 pics
Hanzo- Have you come to kill me?
Nagato (Flashback)- I have.
Hanzo sighs.
Hanzo- Very well then.
Hanzo puts on his breathing apparatus; suddenly, a massive Salamander breaks up through the floor. Nagato jumps back, and watches as Hanzo leaps on to the Salamander and takes a battle stance.

Next Chapter- The fall of Hanzo


Bleach 356 & One Piece 541

Discuss what do you think will happen the upcoming week in Bleach 356 and One Piece 541

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Naruto 445, Bleach 355, One Piece 540 confirmed spoilers download

Spoilers Download Link ( For US  only)

Naruto 445 updates

One Piece 540 updates

Bleach 355 updates

Naruto 445

Here’s a summary.

Nagato’s parents’ grave was erected, and he travelled around, begging .
On the way, He picked up a dog; it’s name was Chibi.
Everyone just ignored him, and he almost starved to death on the streets.
天使小南に拾われる そこで弥彦とも出会う
He was then picked up by Angel Konan, and then they happened to meet up with Yahiko.
In order to survive they did things like stealing and working.

弥彦の夢は 世界征服
Yahiko’s dream is conquering the world.
It stayed the same until his death TL NOTE: Not sure.
He wasn’t able to apologize to his parents on their death, that’s why he’ll do his best to live til the end.
If he can take the top of the world, he can create a world with no wars.
長門 わぁ神様みたいだね~
Nagato: Isn’t that something like a God?


Inside Rain, the three and Chibi walked.
From the above, a tagged kunai fell from the sky.
The three and Chibi were blown away by the blest.
小南 チビが><
Konan: Chibi!?
弥彦 こんな所で戦争かよ と誰が戦ってるのか覗きにいく
Yahiko: This place is a warzone. I’m gonna check and see who’re fighting.
あれは 才蔵と木の葉の忍びか(ジライヤ・ツナデ・大蛇丸)
That was Saizou and some Konoha shinobi (Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru) TL NOTE: Kanji is Saizou, but Hanzou makes more sense.
Let’s not involve ourselves with this and go to a safe place.
In Nagato’s arms was a dead Chibi.

弥彦 くそっ俺が神様になってこの戦争のない世界を作ってやる~
Yahiko: Damnit, I’ll become a God and make this world a world with no wars.

長門 (弥彦の夢が 次第に自分の夢にもなっていった…)
Nagato (Yahiko’s dream gradually became my own dream…)

で終了(背表紙はナルト タイトル・扉絵は忘れました…)
The end. (Spine of book is Naruto, I forgot the title and cover).

From what I understand, Nagato’s Pain is his parent’s death and the dog’s death. TL NOTE: This part just seems to be commentary from the spoiler writer.

Bleach 355


Since the title is in English, of course I forgot it!
扉絵は 現在戦ってる ヒゲダンディ・静かなイケメソ
Title page is in the real world: Shunsui and Stark
キング   ・蜂女~ぽっちゃり
Barragan, Soi Fon and Oomaeda
氷竜    ・鮫女
Hitsugaya and Halibel

吉良 そんな馬鹿な… と上を見ながらボソっと呟く
Kira: He looks up and mutters, “No way!”
Stark exchanges attacks with Shunsui, but he can only get Shunsui’s hat.
ヒゲダンディ ふ~やるね~
静かなイケメソ  そっちもこっちの斬撃を笠も服も飛ばされずによく避ける
Stark: Your hat and clothes aren’t too good at avoiding my attacks.
Sweat and blood trickle out from where Shunsui’s hat is cut.
Scene changes
キング やれやれ2人なのに一歩もワシを動かすことが出来ないとは…
Barragan: My or my, even with both of you you aren’t able to move me.
Soi Fon and Oomaeda are worn out..Barragan withdraws a tomahawk from his throne.
キング   さてどっちからやるか
Barragan: Now, which one of you?
ぽっちゃり 隊長そろそろいいんじゃないですか?
Oomaeda: Captain, isn’t it about time?
蜂女    なんだ?
Soi Fon: What?
ぽっちゃり そろそろ力も溜まってきたころだし限定解除しましょうよ!
Oomaeda: It’s time for us to gather our strength and release the limit!
キング   まだ何かあるのか?面白いやってみろ!
Barragan: There’s still more? This out to be interesting!
蜂女    もうすでに限定解除した状態でやってるんだが…
Soi Fon: We’ve already released our limit…
ぽっちゃり ><
Oomaeda: (reaction)
Scene changes
Hitsugaya vs Halibel
討て!なんちゃら~ で鮫女帰刃状態へ
Halibel releases and turns into a shark lady.
氷竜 (あれがやつらが帰刃している状態か油断はできねい~ っていってる所)
Hitsugaya: (
Halibel fires a cero.
Hitsugaya’s cut in two from his right shoulder down to his legs.
We see blood flying out.
鮫女 所詮この程度か氷の竜など鮫の一撃で海に沈む
Halibel: It only took that for the shark to sink the ice dragon into the sea.
The end

From Zangetsu01:

Originally Posted by Nja @ 2ch
467 :んじゃ ◆bvOTKk1mXg :2009/04/21(火) 20:38:39 ID:ibsqbEte0

扉絵は 現在戦ってる ヒゲダンディ・静かなイケメソ
キング   ・蜂女~ぽっちゃり
氷竜    ・鮫女

吉良 そんな馬鹿な… と上を見ながらボソっと呟く

ヒゲダンディ ふ~やるね~
静かなイケメソ  そっちもこっちの斬撃を笠も服も飛ばされずによく避ける
キング やれやれ2人なのに一歩もワシを動かすことが出来ないとは…
キング   さてどっちからやるか
ぽっちゃり 隊長そろそろいいんじゃないですか?
蜂女    なんだ?
ぽっちゃり そろそろ力も溜まってきたころだし限定解除しましょうよ!
キング   まだ何かあるのか?面白いやってみろ!
蜂女    もうすでに限定解除した状態でやってるんだが…
ぽっちゃり ><
討て!なんちゃら~ で鮫女帰刃状態へ
氷竜 (あれがやつらが帰刃している状態か油断はできねい~ っていってる所)

鮫女 所詮この程度か氷の竜など鮫の一撃で海に沈む



Verification: Confirmed
Source: BA
Credits: Zangetsu01, negativzero

From Zangetsu01 on BA

109 :69るま:2009/04/22(水) 17:00:25 ID:gCqws41sO

副隊長が限定解除をしましょうと促すが、今回は緊急時で現世に来るときに刻印をうたれていないので既に解除 状態らしい。


Halibel’s zanpaktou is Tiburon

She becomes more exposed(Less clothes? ). Her right hand transforms and becomes sword-like. More of her mask near the mouth disappears.

Before releasing she uses a technique called “projectile azure(spelling?)”

Next scene shows Soi Fon, who is ubable to land an attack on Barragan

副隊長が限定解除をしましょうと促すが、今回は緊急時で現世に来るときに刻印をうたれていない ので既に解除 状態らしい。
Omaeda suggests they have the limiting seal removed due to pressing circumstances in the real world however they already have the limiter removed.

Barragan takes out his Axe from the throne.

Final scene shows the right side of Hitsugaya being sliced off.


Verification: Confirmed
Source: BA
Credits: 69 ruma

Halibel’s resureccion is called Tiburon (kanji means “empress shark”)
She becomes more exposed. Her right hand becomes integrated together with a swordlike object. The mask around her mouth is gone.
Before resurreccion she uses a technique called “Projectile Azul” (kanji means “blue sword gun”)
Then it’s Soi Fon who can’t even make Barragan move one step using her attacks.
副隊長が限定解除をしましょうと促すが、今回は緊急時で現世に来るときに刻印をうたれていないので既に解除 状態らしい。
Oomaeda says they should lift their limits, but because this was an emergency they weren’t given the seals and therefore their limits were already lifted.
Barragan takes a broadaxe from his seat.

Finally, roughly the right half of hitsugaya’s body is sliced off. The end.

One Piece 540


Here are the last spoilers.

3 people are pushing on relentlessly, and somehow, they reach level 6.
However, there’s no sign of Ace.
From the first floor, Ace was already transported to the 6th floor by elevator. TL NOTE: I assume Level 6 is first floor since it’s the bottommost.
The exit of the staircase was closed, From the Escalator’s exit, tear gas was sprayed.
Inazuma, who has eaten the Tsuki Tsuki no Mi (Cut Cut Devil Fruit), Scissors Man, cuts everything to pieces.
With his ability all the exits of the tear gas were blocked.
Over there is crocodile
As for my ability, from here, you guys can go outside…
… is what he was saying to the rubber man.
You are that person!… The one who messed up what I was doing in Bibi’s country !
However, now, I can’t do anything about that, Luffy.
The Okama persuade Luffy… TL NOTE: I can’t understand this part sorry. Probably about letting Croc come.
They are talking about cooperating. “Jinbei and I, too are indebted to Whitebeard”.
If you’re gonna risk your life to rescue Ace, you should take someone to come with you.
In the end the party consists of the 3 people at the start plus two ex-Shichibukai. GO!

I forgot the title.

(The other prisoners are also escaping… They’re causing a crazy uproar while escaping… With the Okama Deathwink, the deaths have been taken care of.)


Source:AP Forums
Credits:dirt monkey AL

ワンピは もうめんどくさいから最後でいいかな?
Is it all right if I bother to talk about One Piece’s conclusion (of the chapter)?

Of the three people imprisoned in Level 6.

It’s just Crocodile and Jimbei? They just take them along, so five people leave there in the end.

Of course, Luffy resists, but it looks like (something or other about “Crocodile’s weakness back when he was a rookie”) so they’ll cooperate until they’ve escaped.


The three of them recklessly plow through, and manages to get to Level 6.
But there’s no sign of Ace in the prison. Ace was already transported away through the elevator that connects directly from the first floor to sixth.
The exit to the entrance was blocked, and tear gas was being pumped into the area.
Inazuma is a Scissor man who ate the Choki Choki fruit, and he uses his ability to block the exit filled with tear gas, but their ways are all blocked now, with no way out.
Crocodile appears, and tells them with his ability, he could get them out of here.
Luffy objects, not wanting to help a man who ruined Vivi’s kingdom.
Ivankov convinces Luffy, and tells Crocodile to help them if he doesn’t want his secret revealed. (Ivasan seems to know something about Crocodile’s weakness)
Jinbei also asks them to take him with them too, as he is indebted to Whitebeard.
The three heads out with the two shichibukai joining them.
The other prisoners also yell at them to release them, but Iva takes them out with his Deathwink.


Luffy: Get out of my way~~~~

Guard: Trap is no use! and all the guaards have been beaten!

H: Damn!

G: Luffy, Iwankov, Inazuma now entered Level 6

L: ACe! I am here to help you!

L: Ace….is not in the the cell?

L: ha….ha..

I: is this the right cell?

Guard: They are at the cell!

Jinbei: !

Inazuma: we were late

Jinbei: The strawhat. This man is.. he really came here
penetrated the infamous Impel Down and came down to Level 6!

J: you are Luffy?

L: Who are you (you is more like oyajii sang.. old man.. middle age man..)

J: Ace is gone, the guards used the lift to sand him up!
If you hurry you can make it in time go!

Luffy: Thank you! although I do not know who you are

J: unbelievable he went through the five hells

Inazuma: LEts go I am opening the Lifts

Iva: Damn! they are locking up the system(lift, elevator)

Iva: we cant use the lift now…

Iva: we have to use the stairs!

Luffy: Lets go!
Cell appears traping Luffy?(not sure about this)

Iva: they are trying to lock us up here!


Inazuma: Gas? Poison gas?

Prisoners: damn dont put us in to this mass!

Iva: shut up! level 6

L: I dont care!
rusing in to the gas

Inazuma: sleeping gas.

Iva: how reckless! strawhat boy!

Inazuma: they are trying to make us all sleep…

Guard: Level 6 is locked down the sleeping gas is strong!
There is no way to escape…

H: To prepare for any situation make all guards armed and prepare for battle.
Have you contacted Maggelan?

Guard: yes!

Impel down 1st floor

Ace: Luffy!!!!

Magellan: As you have heard… stop resisting.
your brother is also a pirate he has no reason to live

ACe: damn why have you come…. I hoped it was a lie Luffy…

M: how have you survived starwhat..

Level 6

Prisoners: Damn do something!
do something!
This floor… will be full of gas soon

choki choki choki~~

Prisoners: What? he is cutting the surface like it is a cloth!(silk or other stuff that are cut so they can become a cloth.. sorry I am rushing this thing -_-)

Prisoner: cool! the space that has been cut have locked the gas.

Iva: Inazuma is a scissor man he can treat anything he have cut like a paper!

Luffy: I will go up using the stiars(little confusion.. probably not right.) I can keep up with Ace!

Iva: Closing this thing is only way cutting up the gas but if we fall in to a sleep
we cant rescue Ace

Luffy: no! I will save Ace.. if not he will Die! (this I couldnt properly translate.. so this part is not correct)

Inazuma: dont talk nonsense! Enemies have won using.. this simple stretegy We are locked in here. There is no way to escape..


Iva: At least let us use enemies info!
Denden mushi is sleeping ..

Iva: Lets think logically. Ace boy is being transported smoothly but we have
enmies blocking… Military transportation is fast. Doesnt the vivre card pointing upward?

Luffy: ….

IVA: he should be handed to marines now…now we change our goal and just think about escaping.. Ace boy’ will not handed to Marin HQ

we have to give up..

Lets just hope WB can do something…

Luffy: Than! I will go to Marin HQ!!

IvA: Ridiculous! This is the battle of the tops!
do you know the power of WB?
and the power of Marines “Admiral” “vice-admiral” “shichibukai”?
how many life do you have?

Luffy: If i give up I will only have my shell! (probably not right…)
I wil go!

Iva: This feeling .. Its like when I am facing Dragon!

Inazuma: no one can..go! we cant escape here.

???: If you want to escape here release me..

Luffy: ?

?: I can make(blow away) a hole in the top. hows that Strawhat? Kuhahahahahaha

Luffy: ah… you were being held here! Crocodile!

C: I heard lot of interesting stroies about the outside
WB and Marin having a war?
I never thought there will be a chance to take him down
I am interested in that war
If you have my ability you can get out of here.
Its not a bad deal. We both can have something out from this deal.

L: Shut up! you are a man who alsmot destroyed Vivi’s country!

C:Its an old story now, I have no more interest in that country

IVA: Lets release him strawhat boy.
If we have him in our team he will be a powerfull asset to us.

Luffy: huh. Iva he is!

Crocodile: Ivankov..

Iva: Long time no see Crocoboy

Luffy: you know him?

Iva: now its little old but I knew him when he was called a rookie.
do not worry Strawhat. I know he is not trustworthy but I know his weakness
If he just land us his hand I will not talk about it tough..

Croco: you….

Prisoner: Wait! Release me also
yes! I also have some grudge against WB

Iva: Shut up Death WInk!

PrisonerS: !

J: (I cant think of the word in english.. but Jinbei is shouting that he has a favor to ask and it is as importatn as his life or more)

J: Please take me too I will defiently help you guys.
I am indebted to WB and I know Aca since he has joined WB pirates
I heard he has a brother
I am here for objecting this war
I want to save ace!
Pleace give me a place to die!

Luffy and Jinbei look each other.

IVa: hu a this is also a big addition..

Inazuma: is it okey? we dont know his personality and how dangerous he is.

Luffy: OK

J: Thank you…

Prisoners: (mocking Jinbei.)

Iva: shut up death wink!

prisoners: waakkk~~

IVA: not with this… We use power and skill to break thorugh this prison!

J: Dont you dare touch WB crocodile!

C: so … you want to fight in this place?

Inazuma: Considering the ex… two shichibukai..

Luffy: Two?? we just have one. (might not be correct but luffy does not know about J being a shichibukai..)

huh this took logner than I thouhgt… anyway sorry for the poor translation but.. I guess people can at least know what they are talking about

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Naruto 445, Bleach 355, One Piece 540 predictions

Naruto 445 updates

Bleach 355 updates

One Piece 540 updates

Naruto 445 Predictions

1. This one is going to be a flashback chapter where nagato tells his story.

2. Naruto may not have a single dialogue in this this chap.

3.  Something new about Tobi will be revealed

Bleach 355 Predicitons

by roflcopter

So Halibel almost almost pwns Hitsugaya but right when she attacks, there appears a vizard and blocks her attack with bare hand.
Halibel: Wtf, who are you?
Vizard: Muguruma kensei,
Halibel: Tresta Espada – Halibel. anyway, prepare to die, Kensei
Halibel: “!!!!!!”
*kensei appears behind her and shouts*
*Halibel is a bit surprised, kensei damaged her clothes*
Halibel: Haha, that was nice… but, you will die * ATTACK (name of the sword)*

*Scene changes to Yammi and 3 noobs*

Yammy: Buhahahahah!!!
3 noobs: damn, he’s big!
Yammy: * raises his hand* PREPARE to die!
* Yammy hits the ground in the place where 3 noobs are located, he’s so fast that they cant even react. Theres a massive blow. Noobs remain Undamaged. Their faces are like A thin hand blocks yammys hand.
Yammy: grrrrr
Voice: Retsu Unohana, 4 squad Captain…


One Piece 540 predictions

1. If you guys have been visiting this blog lately then you would have noticed that in last prediction of One Piece 539, i predicted Monkey D. Dragon will appear.  FTW he didthough for just two panels BUT WTF MY PREDICTION WAS AWESOME.(Not so modest am i)

2. Beginning of the war

3. Ace being rescued.(everyone knos that nobody dies in One piece)

4. Appearance of Red Hair Shanks and WhiteBeard.

Do give your predictions as well

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